George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 7: 1976


Issue 7 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
The Annual Message of Greeting from the President of the George Eliot Fellowship
Brief Encounter: Mark Rutherford and George Eliot
Address at the Wreath Laying in the George Eliot Memorial Gardens, 15 June 1975
An Airing of Views
Intellect, Music and Emotion
Annual George Eliot Memorial Lecture 1975: "The Interiority of Men"
In Defense of Romola
The Daniel Deronda Centre
A Message From the President of the Fellowship: Michael Mansbridge

When a Fellowship event has been arranged, the Council welcome the views of members as to its suitability or its content. After the issue of the January Newsletter, containing details of the Gabriel Woolf readings, entitled ‘The Story of Gwendolen’…

When George Eliot's fame as a novelist had overcome the ostracism of Victorian society, she was present, with George Henry Lewes, at a society dinner party. The subject of women's suffrage was raised and Princess, Louise remarked, “But you don't go…

Note: In the document, the year is listed as 1976. This is a typo. The correct year for this report is 1975, as indicated in the title.
The first annual report that I prepared in 1968 as your newly-appointed secretary covered a mere half-page, and…