George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 5: 1974


Issue 5 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
1973 Annual Report
George Eliot's Aesthetic Immortality
What's in a Name?
Eliza Lynn Linton and George Eliot
The Immortal Memory
George Eliot Memorial Lecture: Music and the Visual Arts in the Novels of George Eliot
1973 Wreath Laying
A Message From the Fellowship President, The Revd. M.W. Mansbridge, B.A R.D
A Visit to Atherstone House Farm, Atherstone on Stour

At the front of the Fello ship index is a card on which is kept a tally of membership numbers. Completing it as each subscription is received becomes quite fascinating, particularly as the year progresses and we begin to reach the previous year’s…

As members of the George Eliot Fellowship are well aware, George Eliot died on December 22nd. 1880, and was buried in the unconsecrated portion of Highgate Cemetery by the side of George Henry Lewes. On the lid of her coffin was the inscription from…

Students and lovers of the writings of George Eliot are generally so absorbed by the intellectual brilliance of her work and the depth of her insight into human strengths and weaknesses that they seldom spare a few thoughts on some of the more…