George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 4: 1973


Issue 4 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
First George Eliot Memorial Lecture: The True Heroine of Middlemarch
In the Vanguard of Women's Lib: George Eliot
Review of George Eliot and Her World by Margharita Laski and George Eliot by T.S. Pearce
Report from Israel
A Message from the President of the Fellowship: Michael Mansbridge
Annual Report- 1972

Dorothea Brooke is ordinarily referred to as the “heroine” of Middlemarch. If we define it as the principal figure, she can probably qualify. Yet her choice of Mrs. Casaubon as a husband was a foolish mistake, and her second choice, Will Ladislaw, to…

George Eliot was writing brilliantly against women’s inferior status as early as the 1850’s, at a time when serious education for women was in its infancy. She reviewed books for the ‘Westminster Review’ and she was profoundly irritated by the large…

There have been a crop of biographies of one sort or another since George Eliot’s death ninety-three years ago, but this is the first one to be fully illustrated. The 123 illustrations are not all totally relevant but this is a small arrow to be…