George Eliot Review Issue 48: 2017


Issue 48 of the George Eliot Review
A Being Apart': Sympathy and Distance in Middlemarch (Prize Essay)
Felix Holt and 'a fine sight of lawsuits'
Radical Politics in the 1860s: The Writing of Felix Holt
Against Egology: Ethics and Style in George Eliot and Emmanuel Levinas
When Howard met George: A Play in Two Acts
Obituary of Kathleen Adams
Kathleen Adams, A Tribute
Living with George Eliot: A Tribute to my Parents
Kathleen and Bill Adams: Memories of Old Friends
Review of The Transferred Life of George Eliot by Philip Davis
Review of The World of Mr. Casaubon: Britain's Wars of Mythography, 1700-1870 by Colin Kidd
Review of Victorians Undone by Kathryn Hughes
Review of Victorian Narratives of the Recent Past: Memory, History, Fiction by Helen Kingstone
Review of Writing the Stage Coach Nation: Locality on the Move in Nineteenth-Century British Literature by Ruth Liversey
Annual Report 2016
Japanese Branch Report
Newsletter 2017

Moral philosophers have long observed that human beings strain to feel compassionate concern for people whose lives are distant from their own. Aristotle proposed in the Rhetoric that we tend to pity people who resemble us in age, character, habits,…

During the festivities surrounding the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, much was said about his Warwickshire roots, and commentators noted, not for the first time, his use of Warwickshire dialect. The same is frequently said about George…

While Felix Holt the Radical was being written there was a transformation in the atmosphere surrounding further parliamentary reform in Britain. In March 1865, when George Eliot began the novel, the Liberal Prime Minister Palmerston remained cautious…