George Eliot Review Issue 45: 2014

Issue 45 of the George Eliot Review
In isolation human power is limited, in combination it is infinite': Tracing Ludwig Feuerbach's Essence of Christianity through Daniel Deronda
Politics and Pastoral in Silas Marner
Casaubon's Impotence: A Literary Libel?
A Response
George Eliot and Psychosomatic Illness: A Footnote to the Biographies
Romola and Politics
Laughter versus Sympathy in Romola and Felix Holt
Romola's Religious Experience
Conference Report, Annual George Eliot Conference, 2014: "Romola and Felix Holt "
Review of George Eliot in Context by Margaret Harris
Review of After Darwin: Animals, Emotions, and the Mind edited by Angelique Richardson
Review of The Victorian Diary: Authorship and Emotional Labour by Anne-Marie Millim
In Memorium: Andrew Brown (1950-2014)
Review of Oscar Browning's Life of George Eliot
Supplementary Annotations to Daniel Deronda
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 2013
Annual Report - 2013
Japanese Branch Report 2013
Obituary: Andrew Brown (1950-2014) View all 19 items