George Eliot Review Issue 36: 2005


Issue 36 of the George Eliot Review
Annual Report - 2004
The Widening Vision and Undying Hope in The Spanish Gypsy
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 2005
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 2004: "'School-Time': George Eliot and Education"
Review of Our Daughters Must be Wives: Marriageable Young Women in the Novels of Dickens, Eliot, and Hardy by Britta Zangen
Review of George Eliot's Dialogue with John Milton by Anna K. Nardo
Review of George Eliot by Tim Dolin and Middlemarch edited by Gregory Maertz
Moving Beyond Signs: The Crisis of Language in Daniel Deronda
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 2004
Legitimate Plots, Private Lots in Felix Holt and Daniel Deronda
Review of Monomania: The Flight From Everyday Life in Literature and Art by Marina van Zylen
George Eliot and the Victorian Art World
Aspects of 'Indefiniteness' in Middlemarch
Adam Bede, adapted and directed by Geoffrey Beevers, Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond
Review of The Effective Protagonist in the Nineteenth-Century British Novel by Terence Dawson
Romantic Love as Spiritual Companionship? A Buddhist Re-reading of George Eliot
Address at the Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 2004
Japanese Branch Report 2004
Front Matter 2005: 36

Our year never gets off to an exciting start because the first event is the Annual General Meeting but the 2004 one was rather different. The business meeting was completed swiftly as there was no change to the Council or to the officers. There was…

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a special year because it is 150 years since George Eliot and G. H. Lewes began to live together openly. 22 November 1854 was her thirty-fifth birthday. Where were she and Lewes? What were they doing? They were in…

On 20 May 1839, young Mary Ann Evans wrote to her close friend, Maria Lewis, about her 'oscillating judgment' on a religious matter: 'On no subject do I veer to all points of the compass more frequently than on the nature of the visible church. I am…