George Eliot Review Issue 35: 2004


Issue 35 of the George Eliot Review
Japanese Branch Report 2003
Notes on Contributors 2004
That most despicable travesty of a woman': Eliza Lynn Linton and Elma Stuart
Annual Report - 2003
Address at the Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 2003
The Two Timothy Coopers
Review of Austen, Eliot, Charlotte Brontë and the Mentor-Lover by Patricia Menon
Review of George Eliot's Pulse by Neil Hertz
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 2003: "What's in a Name: Competing Claims to the Authority of George Eliot"
The Exceptional Woman and her Audience: Armgart, Performace, and Authorship
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 2003
Review of The Mill on the Floss: George Eliot by Alain Jumeau and Le Moulin sure la Floss trans. Alain Jumeau
That Vandyke Duchess': Portraiture and Epic in Daniel Deronda
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 2003
Review of Gender and the Victorian Periodical by Hilary Fraser, Stephanie Green and Judith Johnston
Review of Dead fom the Waist Down: Scholars and Scholarship in Literature and the Popular Imagination by A.D. Nuttall
Review of Rereading George Eliot: Changing Responses to her Experiments in Life by Bernard J. Paris
Basil and Vampire: Fears of Dissection in Middlemarch

The seventh annual convention of the George Eliot Fellowship of Japan was held at Nihon University in Tokyo, on Saturday 29 November 2003. The morning session began with an opening address by Kimitaka Hara, a vice-president of the Japanese Branch and…

The George Eliot Collection in Nuneaton Library includes a previously unpublished letter written by Elma Stuart, one of George Eliot's greatest admirers. It was written in response to a critical and spiteful article about George Eliot in 1895 by…

Kathleen Adams has been Secretary of the Fellowship since 1968. She initiated the Review in 1970, was editor until 1981 and co-editor 1982-91. She published Those of Us Who Loved Her in 1980 and A Community of Interest: The Story of the George Eliot…