George Eliot Review Issue 31: 2000


Issue 31 of the George Eliot Review
A Family's Eye View of George Eliot
Obituary: Viscount Daventry (1921-2000)
Annual Report - 1999
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 1999: "'What Can I Do?' George Eliot, Her Reader and the Task of the Narrator in Middlemarch"
George Eliot and Archery
Review of The Folio Society Edition of George Eliot's Fiction
The Woman at the Window'
Obituary: Jerome Beaty (1924-2000)
Review of The Journals of George Eliot ed. Margaret Harris and Judith Johnston and George Eliot: The Last Victorian by Kathryn Hughes
The Margins of George Eliot: Editing the Journals
Silas Marner and Felix Holt: Affinities and Antitheses
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 1999
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 1999
Japanese Branch Report 1999
Women and Fiction in George Eliot's 'Brother Jacob'
George Eliot's English Travels: "Widely Sundered Elements"
Conference Report, Annual George Eliot Conference, Andara, Turkey, 1999: "George Eliot and Her Work"
Towards a Critical Reputation: Henry James on Felix Holt, the Radical
Review of George Eliot and Intoxication: Dangerous Drugs for the Condition of England by Kathleen McCormack
Address at the Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 1999
Review of George Eliot's Middlemarch: A Guide for Students and Readers of the Novel
Review of The Letters of George Henry Lewes, Vol. 3 ed. William Baker
Front Matter 2000: 31

'Brother Jacob' raises issues of perennial concern to George Eliot as an author who was also a woman. In particular, this fabular tale about a hapless confectioner and his imbecilic broth-er exposes the pitfalls in women's relationship(s) to cultural…

A productive starting point for a critical evaluation of Henry James's criticism of George Eliot's fiction is his unsigned review of Felix Holt, the Radical, which, as his first piece of criticism on her, is perhaps itself most usefully read against…

Dear Editors May I write a postscript to Terence R. Wright's review of Perspectives on Self and Community in George Eliot: Dorothea's Window in your last number? He says I 'come down strongly on lesser critics who make the mistake of locating…