George Eliot Review Issue 30: 1999


Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 1998
The Politics of Religion in Felix Holt
Review of Wordsworth and the Victorians by Stephen Gill
Review of Sisters in Literature: Female Sexuality in 'Antigone', 'Middlemarch', 'Howard's End', and 'Women in Love' by Masako Hirai
Review of Realism, Representation, and the Arts in Nineteenth-Century Literature. By Alison Byerly
Review of Perspectives on Self and Community in George Eliot: Dorothea's Window. Ed. Patricia Gately, Dennis Leavens and D. Cole Woodcox
Review of George Eliot and Goethe: An Elective Affinity by Gerlinde Röder-Bolton
Review of From Author to Text: Re-reading George Eliot's 'Romola' ed. Caroline Levine and Mark W. Turner and George Eliot and Italy by Andrew Thompson
Review of Barbara Leigh-Smith Bodichon: Feminist, Artist, and Rebel by Pam Hirsch
Milly Barton and Emma Gwyther
Japanese Branch Report 1998
Henry James and George Eliot: Realism, Reality, and Narrative Form
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 1998: "Ego, Anonymity, and Healing in George Eliot"
Front Matter 1999: 30
Daniel Deronda - 1921 Style
Annual Report - 1998
An Echo of the 'Holy War'
American Branch Report 1998
Address at the Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 1998
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 1998
A Tchaikovsky/George Eliot Opera that never happened
A Postcard to Rev. F.R. Evans (George Eliot's nephew), 11 August 1911

Sixty-two years ago, almost to the day - a freezing 25 November 1936 - I arrived at the London docks from Africa and came, without realizing it at the time, to live in the country of my background. I was to live with Alison and Rupert Winser and…

In chapter 3 of Felix Holt, the narrator gives an account of the 'social changes in Treby parish', including the altered character of Trebian Dissent. It had been of a quiescent, well-to-do kind, represented architecturally by a small venerable,…

Words worth belongs to a generation that re-invented posterity as the true judge of artistic worth, a truth beyond fashion and faction, the eternal justification of a misunderstood life. His exact contemporary Hölderlin asked 'Wozu Dichter in…