George Eliot Review Issue 28: 1997


Issue 28 of the George Eliot Review
Annual Report - 1996
Address at the Unveiling of John Lett's Statue of George Eliot at the George Eliot Hospital Nuneaton, 29 August 1996
Tied to my heart by a cord which can never be broken': George Eliot and her Sister Chrissey
Review of George Eliot: A Life by Rosemary Ashton
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 1996
George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 1996: "The Larger Meaning of Your Voice: Varieties of Speech in George Eliot"
Review of The Mill on the Floss BBC 1, 1 January 1997
Address at the Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 1996
A Forgotten Critic: Abba Goold Woolson's George Eliot and her Heroines: A Study
Thomas Hardy and George Eliot: The Eye of Narcissus' Looking-Glass
Having the Whip-hand in Middlemarch
Review of Imperialism at Home: Race and Victorian Women's Fiction by Susan Meyer
Heard but not Seen': an Anthology of Victorian Childhood devised and presented by Gabriel Woolf and Rosalind Shanks, Nuneaton Town Hall and Warwick Arts Centre, 17 and 18 April 1997
American Branch Report 1996
Review of Felix Holt, the Radical. Two new editions, Ed. A.G. can den Broek and Lynda Mugglestone
Review of The Mill and the Floss: A New Edition ed. Beryl Gray
Review of Sex Scandal, the Private Parts of Victorian Fiction by William A. Cohen
Review of George Eliot and Europe edited by John Rignall
Review of Middlemarch's Three New Editions, ed. Rosemary Ashton; by David Caroll with a new introduction by Relicia Bonaparte; and by Margaret Harris and Judith Johnson

Christiana Evans, always known as Chrissey, was the first child of Robert Evans's marriage to Christiana Pearson of Astley, near Nuneaton, and she was born, as were Isaac and Mary Ann, at Arbury (now South) Farm on the Arbury estate in 1814. When the…

In this lamentably impoverished adaptation by Hugh Stoddart (directed by Graham Theakston), a character identified as Sophy Deane (played by Joanna David) masqueraded as one of three Dodson sisters. That George Eliot created a unit of four sisters is…

Where texts are concerned the modem student of Victorian Fiction has an Aladdin's Cave to choose from. The title under review is The Mill on the Floss. High-street bookshops will have on display in their 'classics' section up to seven competing…