George Eliot Review Issue 25: 1994


Issue 25 of the George Eliot Review
Message of Greeting from the Fellowship President
A Tribute to Gabriel Woolf
Annual Report 1993
London Branch Report 1993
American Branch Report 1993
Wreath-laying in the George Eliot Memorial Gardens, Nuneaton, June 27th 1993
The Twenty-Second George Eliot Memorial Lecture, October 16th 1993
Alfred Austin and George Eliot: Two Unpublished Letters
Notes on Contributors
George Eliot and the British Museum Reading Room
Tito, Dionysus and Apollo: an Examination of Tito Melema in Romola
Metafiction and Metaphor: Daniel Deronda as Golem
Women and Jews in Daniel Deronda
George Eliot's Weimar
George Eliot and Greek Tragedy
Some Notes on George Eliot and Greek Myth
George Eliot in South Africa
The BBC Middlemarch
BBC 2 Night School: George Eliot
Day School on the Novels of George Eliot at Birkbeck College
Review of The Gladness of the World: A Celebration of George Eliot in Words and Music. Coventry Cathedral, Saturday, 27 November, 1993
Review of Fallen Women in the Nineteenth-Century Novel by Tom Winnifrith
Review of Realist Fiction and the Strolling Spectator by John Rignall
Review of Romola (The Clarendon Edition) Edited by Andrew Brown
George Eliot and the Conventions of Popular Women's Fiction: A Serious Literary Response to the 'Silly Novels by Lady Novelists'. By Susan Rowland Tush
Outside the Pale: Cultural Exclusion, Gender Difference and the Victorian Woman Writer. By Elsie B. Michie
George Eliot: Ihr Leben. By Elsemarie Maletzke
Editor's Note
The Gladness of the World: A Celebration of George Eliot in Words and Music

June 1994 saw the 25th anniversary of Gabriel Woolf's involvement with the George Eliot Fellowship, working with and for the Fellowship in its efforts to promote interest in George Eliot's life and works. We are very fortunate that George Eliot is,…

Mr Chairman, Mr Mayor, Madam Mayoress, Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel particularly honoured by the invitation to address this distinguished annual gathering, not least because, nowadays at any rate, I have no pretensions to literary scholarship.…

Today, Alfred Lord Tennyson's successor as the Poet Laureate, Alfred Austin (1835-1913), is a largely forgotten literary name from the late Victorian and Edwardian worlds of yesteryear. Austin's connection with George Eliot and G. H. Lewes will not…