George Eliot Review Issue 23: 1992


Issue 23 of the George Eliot Review
Note: from here on, all issues are titled George Eliot Review.
Message of Greeting from the Fellowship President
Annual Report 1991
London Branch Report 1991
Wreath-laying in the George Eliot Memorial Gardens, Nuneaton, June 16th 1991
Wreath Laying at Westminster Abbey, 22 June 1992
The Toast to the Immortal Memory. George Eliot Birthday Luncheon, 24 November 1991
George Eliot and Elizabeth Gaskell. The Twentieth George Eliot Memorial Lecture, 26th October 1991
New George Eliot Letters
Adam Bede: Author, Narrator and Narrative
Middlemarch's Dorothea Brooke and Medieval Hagiography
George Eliot's First Family: the Bartons of Shepperton
Dearly Beloved Scott
George Eliot's Midlands: Passion in Exile. By Graham Handley
El dialecto en las primeras novelas de George Eliot: grafia y vocalismo. By Maria Fuencisla Garcia - Bermejo Giner
The Clerical Character in George Eliot's Fiction. By Oliver Lovesey
George Eliot. Edited and Introduced by K.M. Newton
Middlemarch: A Study of Provincial Life by George Eliot. With an Introduction by E.S. Shaffer
BBC Television's Film of Adam Bede
Front Matter 1992: 23
G.H. Lewes: A Life. By Rosemary Ashton

An uneventful Annual General Meeting in March began our year and was followed by a much more stimulating AGM of the Alliance of Literary Societies in Birmingham on April 20th, when a party from the Fellowship attended and had the pleasure of meeting…

This adaption was not for the academic, the scholar or the purist. As none of these, I admit that, with reservations, I enjoyed the film. There were some very good things about it. The setting was very attractive (Stanway in the Cotswolds for much of…

This is an examination of Scenes of Clerical Life, Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss and Silas Marner from the point of view of the linguist. The author points to these novels as repositories of examples of dialect speech of the Midlands in the first…