George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 22: 1991


Issue 22 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
Note: This is the last issue titled George Eliot Fellowship Review, all following issues are titled George Eliot Review
President's Message 1991
Annual Report - 1990
London Branch Report 1990
Treasurer's Report - 1990
Westminster Abbey Wreath-laying - 1990
Meriden: Its People and Houses Part I. by Doreen M.K. Agutter, B.A.
Technology and Development: Opposition to the Railway in Middlemarch
George Eliot's Selected Essays, Poems and Other Writings. Ed. A.S. Byatt and Nicholas Warren With an Introduction by A.S. Byatt.
Audio Cassette Review: Gabriel Woolf Reads a Second Selection from George Eliot
The Nineteenth George Eliot Memorial Lecture - 1990: George Eliot's 'Husband' - Writing the Life of G.H. Lewes
Sonnet for George Eliot
Approaches to Teaching Eliot's 'Middlemarch'. Ed. Kathleen Blake
Wreath Laying in the George Eliot Memorial Gardens, Nuneaton, 17 June 1990
Obituary: Ann Robson, Curator of Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery
Obituary: Edith Lenton, Vice President of The George Eliot Fellowship
Songs of The Spanish Gypsy
Phonetic Key to the Non-Standard Orthography in the Novels of George Eliot
The Presence of the Present: Topics of the Day in the Victorian Novel. By Richard Altick
The Painful Challenge of George Eliot's Epigraph
George Eliot Birthday Luncheon November 25th 1990
Front Matter 1991: 22
The Mill on the Floss, Dramatized for BBC Radio 4 by Michelene Wandor

The year opened, as it always does, with the least exciting event - the Annual General Meeting. All four officers were re-elected and we also re-elected for a further three year term our supportive and generous President Jonathan Ouvry. The next…

Ann Robson had just passed her 32nd birthday when she died a few days before Christmas 1990. She was born in South Shields in October 1958. She learned to play the piano and was particularly fond of the Christmas carol' Away in a Manager'. The…

One day in May 1873 a curious letter was delivered to the Lewes's London home. Couched in the most formal terms, it read: Mr. C.V. Stanford presents his compliments to "George Eliot"and hopes he may be excused for troubling him (sic) with the…