George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 21: 1990

Issue 21 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
President's Message 1990
Annual Report - 1989
Accounts - 1989
Treasurer's Report - 1989
Sixty Literary Years: The Foundation of the George Eliot Fellowship, November 9th, 1930.
George Eliot's 'The Spanish Gypsy', a Neglected Work
An Annotated Critical Bibliography of George Eliot by George Levine
Review: 'A Letter from George', a BBC CWR serialised reading
Nuneaton Wreath-laying - 1989
The Kapellmeister
George Eliot and the Working-Day Business of the World: Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 1989
Debasing the Biographical Currency
George Eliot and The Linnet's Life
Octavia Hill. A Life by Gillian Darley
The Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot
Emily Davies and the Liberation of Women by Daphne Bennett
George Eliot Memorial Lecture - 1989: Novelists and Things: George Eliot in a Victorian Perspective
George Eliot: A Reference Guide, 1972-1987 by Karen L. Pangallo
Middlemarch: A Student's Companion to the Novel by Bert G. Hornback
Going, Going, Gone..... but Where?
The Triumph of Spirit Over Law: Free Will Versus Determinism in Adam Bede
Theatre Review: Adam Bede at the Orange Tree Theatre, Richmond
Obituary: Dorothy Eva Beamish
Enter the Aunts - The 1990 Readings by Gabriel Woolf
George Eliot: An Intellectual Life by Valerie A. Dodd
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