George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 20: 1989


Issue 20 of the George Eliot Review
Annual Report - 1988
Accounts - 1988
Treasurer's Report - 1989
George Eliot Memorial Lecture - 1988: George Eliot and Marriage
Westminster Abbey Wreath-laying - 1988
Sacred and Secular: George Eliot's Concept of Pilgramage
Nuneaton Wreath Laying - 1988
World's Classics Series: Middlemarch ed. By David Carroll
Scenes of Clerical Life ed. by Thomas A Noble
Romola on the American Stage
Victorian Britain - An Encyclopedia
Literature Crossword
How, Twenty Years Ago, the George Eliot Fellowship Found Gabriel Woolf
Review: 'With Great Pleasure' - the 1989 Readings by Gabriel Woolf
Virago Classics: Brother Jacob by George Eliot
Who Are You, Herr Klesmer?
Chaucer and George Eliot
A George Eliot Chronology. by Timothy Hands
George Eliot and Music
George Eliot: From Middlemarch to Manhatten
George Eliot's Epigraphs: A Note
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 20 November 1988.
Front Matter 1989: 20

The year began, as always. with the Annual General Meeting on March 25th. The four officers were
re-elected and Daphne Paton was welcomed to the Fellowship Council. Joan Bunn was re-elected
and both ladies have proved very supportive throughout the…

Starting a new friendship is often a very chancey business and none more so than the friendship which developed between The George Eliot Fellowship and one of its staunchest supporters, Gabriel Woolf. Gabriel's recent 20th visit to Warwickshire to…

CLUES ACROSS 1 Novel subtitled ‘A Study of Provincial Life’ (11) 6 ‘Rare’ Mr Jonson (3) 9 George ----, sixth Baron Byron (6) 11 Jane -----, by ‘Currer 26 across’ (4) 12 In ------ A.H.H., by Tennyson (8) 13 ‘Remembrance of things -----‘, Shakespearian…