George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 20: 1989

Issue 20 of the George Eliot Review
Annual Report - 1988
Accounts - 1988
Treasurer's Report - 1989
George Eliot Memorial Lecture - 1988: George Eliot and Marriage
Westminster Abbey Wreath-laying - 1988
Sacred and Secular: George Eliot's Concept of Pilgramage
Nuneaton Wreath Laying - 1988
World's Classics Series: Middlemarch ed. By David Carroll
Scenes of Clerical Life ed. by Thomas A Noble
Romola on the American Stage
Victorian Britain - An Encyclopedia
Literature Crossword
How, Twenty Years Ago, the George Eliot Fellowship Found Gabriel Woolf
Review: 'With Great Pleasure' - the 1989 Readings by Gabriel Woolf
Virago Classics: Brother Jacob by George Eliot
Who Are You, Herr Klesmer?
Chaucer and George Eliot
A George Eliot Chronology. by Timothy Hands
George Eliot and Music
George Eliot: From Middlemarch to Manhatten
George Eliot's Epigraphs: A Note
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot, 20 November 1988.
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