George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 19: 1988


Issue 19 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
President's Message - 1988
Annual Report - 1987
Treasurer's Report - 1987
The Seduction of Maggie Tulliver: George Eliot Memorial Lecturer - 1987
Triangular Patterns in Middlemarch
World's Classics Series: Felix Holt ed. by Fred C. Thomson
To Educate or not to Educate: Patterns for Women in George Eliot's novels
George Eliot at Southfields
Silas Marner; George Eliot and Mme Le Prince de Beaumont
George Eliot: The Jewish Connection by Ruth Levitt
The Leavises on Fiction: An Historic Partnership by P.J.M. Robertson
George Eliot and Friendship: The Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot
Intellectual Women and Victorian Patriarchy by Deirdre David
The Prison of Womanhood. Four Provicial Heroines in Nineteenth Century Fiction by Elizabeth Jane Sabiston
Maggies Sisters: Feminist Readings of The Mill on the Floss
Review: The Warwichshire Pen - The 1988 George Eliot Readings by Gabriel Woolf
Letter to the Editors from The Ven. Michael Mansbridge
Poem: Listening by M.A. Valk
Obituary: Dr. S.D. Ezell
Obituary: Dr. C.J. S. Siggers
Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, 20 June 1987
Review of Daniel Deronda, Edited by Graham Handley
Front Matter 1988: 19
Insert: Letter to George Eliot Review Member

Before I began this, my 20th. annual Report, I looked back to my first and found, to my amusement, that it was a mere half quarto page! During that year we had visited the Arnold Bennett Country, seen the play of 'Wuthering Heights', and our Guest of…

Dear Member, When I wrote the last newsletter we had not then had Gabriel Woolf’s programme of readings entitled ‘The Warwickshire Pen’. It was, as always, immensely successful – in its content, its performance (see the Review, p. 50) and also…

We were sorry to hear of the death on March 9th. of Dr. Siggers who had been a life member of the Fellowship since 1971. If you have the good fortune to live in a house once occupied by George Eliot, it is natural that an interest in the novelist…