George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 17: 1986


Issue 17 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
Message of Greeting From the Fellowship President, Jonathan Ouvry, 1986
Annual Report - 1985
Treasurer's Report - 1985
The 1985 Memorial Lecture: George Eliot and G.H. Lewes: Their Conception of Literature as Seen from the Nineteen-eighties
Westminster Abbey Wreath Laying, June 1985
George Eliot and the 1832 Election
Review of Female Friendships and Communities: Charlotte Bronte, George Eliot, and Elizabeth Gaskell by Pauline Nestor
The Clarendon Edition of Scenes of Clerical Life, Edited by Thomas A. Noble
Adam Bede and Riehl's "Social-political Conservatism"
The Diary of Lady Lindsay
What is a Pole Doing in Middlemarch?
Review: Silas Marner - Not Quite a "Common Ol' Workin' Man"
Octavia Hill and George Eliot - Coincidences
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot - 1985
The Identity of Klesmer in Daniel Deronda
George Eliot Unveiled
Speech at the Unveiling of George Eliot Statue - Jonathan Ouvry
Speech at the Unveiling of George Eliot Statue - Kathleen Adams
Obituary: Gordon S. Haight
Obituary: Gordon S. Haight
Front Matter 1986:17

George Eliot's Adam Bede is seen frequently to be a good, but flawed novel, an interesting precursor to the much finer Middlemarch and other later novels. U. C. Knoepflmacher, in Georqe Eliot's Earlv Novels: The Limits of Realism, considers that,…

'The Quiet Conquest' is the title of the Huguenot exhibition celebrating Huguenot Heritage Year – 300 years since the revoking of the Edict of Nantes - currently showing at the London Museum. The origins and earliest application of the term Huguenot,…

With an awareness of something positive to do, the Fellowship entered 1985 with a feeling of optimism, and with our thoughts very much occupied with the George Eliot Statue Appeal. By the beginning of the year, and six months in from the launching of…