George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 16: 1985


Issue 16 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
President's Message 1985
Annual Report 1984
Treasurer's Report
Daniel Deronda: The Clarendon Edition of the Novels of George Eliot edited by Graham Handley
Forms of Feeling in Victorian Fiction. by Barbara Hardy (Peter Owen, London, 1985)
Frederick Harrison: The Vocations of a Positivist. By Martha S. Vogeler
Love, Knowledge, and Narration: George Eliot on Other Minds
At the Unveiling and Dedication of a Memorial to George Eliot
George Eliot's "Negro Novel"
Nuneaton Wreath-Laying
Sculpture: First Portrayal of George Eliot "in the round"
Poem: George Eliot Country
George Eliot's Theory of the Novel
Westminster Abbey Wreath-Laying - June 1984
The Quality of Humour in Brother Jacob
Middlemarch: Three Italian Journeys
Toast to the Immortal Memory of George Eliot - 1984
Review: 'A Delivious Effervescence of the Mind': 1985 George Eliot Readings
Review: The Mill on the Floss at the Fortune Theatre, London
Mill on the Floss: The Author's Tone of Voice
On Location with Silas Marner
Ignorance and Power: George Eliot's Attack on Professional Incompetence
An Evening WIth Steve Race
Book Review: Selections From George Eliot's Letters. By Gordon S. Haight
Front Matter 1985: 16

The first year of my presidency of the George Eliot Fellowship has now safely passed, and how quickly it went! I have much enjoyed it, and though, for reasons of distance and available time, I have missed many of the most interesting functions with…

1984 was an exciting year because of the challenge of the George Eliot Statue. Since 1980 the Fellowship Council had felt we were a little in the doldrums. After the interesting years leading up to the centenary of George Eliot's death, and the…

The Statement of Accounts for 1984 is quite straightforward and little comment is needed. Although 'we had fewer members, with the result that income from subscriptions was less than in the previous year, we were much encouraged to receive donations…