George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 14: 1983


Issue 14 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
Address at the George Eliot Memorial Gardens Wreath Laying, 1982
Annual Report - 1982
Book Review: Mr. George Eliot by David William
Book Review: Particularities: Readings in George Eliot by Barbara Hardy
Call for Submissions in 1984 Review
Education and Daniel Deronda: Three of Eliot's Key Concepts
Florence Re-visited
From Tchaikovsky: A Self Portrait
Front Matter 1983: 14
George Eliot and a Lost Love
George Eliot and Lucy Caroline Smith: Two Unpublished Letters
George Eliot the Journalist
George Eliot, the Methodists, and Me
Message from the President, Tenniel Evans, 1983
Obituary: Mrs. Lucia Charlotte Susan Fitzroy Newdegate
Re-Interpretation of Some of George Eliot's Early Correspondence
Review: The Sympathetic Response: George Eliot's Fictional Rhetoric by Mary Ellen Doyle
Statement of Accounts: 1982
Study Group Notes: The Mill on the Floss, Romola, and Silas Marner
The Gusher: A Portrait of Alexander Main
The Narrative Emphasis on the Power of the Imagination in The Mill on the Floss
The Sad Fortunes of Mr. Liggins
Tito: A Portrait of Fear
Treasurer's Report 1983
Westminster Abbey: June 19, 1982

In some ways, 1982 has been a disheartening year. the lower attendances recorded in 1981 and thought to be inevitable after the excitements of the centenary year, continued into 1982, and, for the first time since 1967 our membership has dropped. We…

The Editors welcome submissions for consideration for the next issue. They should reach Kathleen Adams, 71, Stepping Stones Road, Coventry V5 8JT by March 1st. 1904. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and book and chapter numbers only should be…

In the autumn of 1982 Kathleen and I had the opportunity to visit Florence with a group studying Renaissance … For us this was of course a golden chance to make a … literary pilgrimage in the steps of George Eliot and … George Lewes, to see the…