George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 13: 1982


Issue 13 of the George Eliot Fellowship
Annual Report - 1981
Obituary for Tom Reader
Treasurer's Report - 12th March 1982
Accounts - 1981
Addresses: Hallam Tennyson, Audrey Anderson, and The Lady Reigate
George Eliot, The Sibil of Merica: The 1981 George Eliot Memorial Lecture
The Meaning of Milby in "Janet's Repentence"
Daniel Deronda and "Mademoiselle Penache": A Matter of Debt
George Eliot and Cosima Wagner: A Newly Discovered Letter from George Henry Lewes
Choir Invisible: A Music Gloss for "The Sad Fortunes of Rev. Amos Barton"
The Role of Popular Medicine in The Mill on the Floss, Silas Marner, and Felix Holt
George Eliot and Angela Thirkell
George Eliot and I
Double Acrostic Puzzle
A View of St. Ogg's
What's in a Name?
Study Group Notes: Scenes of Clerical Life and Adam Bede
A Mystery Solved
Book Reviews by Graham Handley: A George Eliot Companion by F.B. Pinion; A George Eliot Miscellany by F.B. Pinion; The Victorian Historical Novel by Andrew Sanders; Romola edited by Andrew Sanders; The Leavises on Fiction; an Historic Partnership by P.J.M. Robertson; George Eliot: A Centenary Tribute edited by Gordon S. Haight and Rosemary van Arsdel.
In Defence of George Eliot: A Poem
Council Shortbread: A Recipe

The story of Marian Evans’ first few years in London, of her search for ‘someone to lean on, someone to love’ is well known and need not be recounted in detail here. Suffice to say that, after the death of her father in 1849 and the subsequent sale…

 ‘We took a trip’. wrote George Henry Lewes in his Journal in November 1859 ‘To Newark and Gainsborough. on artistic ground. Polly wanting to lay the scene of her new novel on the Trent…’ George Eliot was planning The Mill on the Floss. her second…

I suppose there is a tendency to regard F.B. Pinion as the 'Companion' man after the services he has rendered Jane Austen, the Bronte's, D.H. Lawrence and Thomas Hardy, and their readers, by providing summaries, evaluations, indentifications,…