George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 12: 1981

Issue 12 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
President's Message
Double Acrostic Puzzle
Annual Report - 1980
Reviews of George Eliot: Romantic Humanist. by K.M. Newton, Fictions of Resolution in Three Victorian Novels by David Deirdre, and The Victorian Multiplot Novel by Peter K. Garrett
The Emergence of Women in Society as Revealed in George Eliot's Romola and Daniel Deronda
Marian, Lewes, and Malvern
The Franklins and George Eliot
Gentleman's Gentleman
The Friendship Between George Eliot and Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon
Relics or Red Herrings?
Toast to the George Eliot Fellowship, 1981
The Middlemarch Collection
A Glimpse of Nineteenth Century Nuneton View all 13 items