George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 10: 1979


Issue 10 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
Annual Report - 1978
Coincidence and Consequence Relative to a Scene in Felix Holt
Mrs. Transome of Transome Court
John Chapman's Children
Short Biography of John Walter Cross
John Blackwood 1818-1879
Report of G.H.Lewes Wreath Laying on May 6th, 1979
George Eliot and the Visual Arts by Hugh Witemeyer
The Immortal Memory (Not Forgetting that of G. H. Lewes)
Gabriel Woolf: A Profile
The George Eliot Letters. Volumes VIII and IX (edited by Gordon S. Haight; published by Yale University Press)
The Early Career of George Henry Lewes

There are three of us; and as we pass that young lady seated on a ridge, sketching Hangman’s Head, she eyes us askance, and although politeness keeps in the secrecy of her own bosom the translation of that look, I know how it would run in the…

Simultaneity or near simultaneity of events is sometimes used by George Eliot to heighten contrast. There could hardly be closer proximity of scenes for such effects than that of ‘The Two Bed-Chambers’ in Adam Bede. In Daniel Deronda the contrasting…

It is just ten years since Gabriel Woolf and the George Eliot Fellowship first met each other – an accident that might never have occurred if the Fellowship Council had not been in desperate need of some sort of a V.I.P. Early in 1969 an…