George Eliot Fellowship Review Issue 8: 1977


Issue 8 of the George Eliot Fellowship Review
A Message From the President of the Fellowship: Michael Mansbridge
Message from the President - 1977
Annual Report - 1976
The Music of Daniel Deronda
Random Thoughts on a Recent Enrollment in the George Eliot Fellowship
The Immortal Memory 1977
The George Eliot Grove in Israel
Daniel Deronda: which way does Gwendolen jump?
George Eliot and the Silver Screen
A Matter of Grave Concern
Tenniel Evans - Profile of the President
Wreath Laying Ceremony, 19 June 1977
George Eliot's Neighborhood: A Fragment

(We have been looking for some time for the grave of J.W. Cross, and knew only that it was not far from George Eliot’s. for those readers who are unfamiliar with Highgate cemetery, Elma Stuart (George Eliot’s friend and admirer) is buried next to…

1976 was probably the most exciting and busy year that the Fellowship has had in its 46 year existence, for we have celebrated the centenary of George Eliot’s last great novel, ‘Daniel Deronda’, and we have taken tremendous steps forward in our…

No other Victorian heroine embodies so immediately such a vital life-force, at once assertive and fearful, as that possessed by Gwendolen Harleth, the heroine of Daniel Deronda. Her intensity springs from the fact that, in moral terms, she is a…